It is the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure all goods/services provided in respect to Tenders for the Township of Minden Hills are in accordance with, and under authorization of all applicable authorities, Municipal, Provincial and Federal legislation, including but not limited to Policy 60 – Accessibility & Customer Service, Policy 70 – Code of Conduct for Staff and Policy 79-Smoke-Free Workplace.

Environmental & Property Operations Department
RFT #EPO 18-01 - Environmental Monitoring Services for the Township of Minden Hills Waste Disposal Sites - ADDENDUM ADDED

The Township is seeking monitoring and sampling services for the landfill and transfer station locations within the Township. Submission deadline is Friday April 13, 2018 by 12:00 noon.

The complete tender form is available for download from the link below, or by contacting


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Roads Department

There are no tenders at this time

Tax Sales

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears By Public Tender
2017 Tax Sale Tender Results
Tax Sale Tender Results
Highest Bid Second Highest Bid
Tender No. 1  $8,500.00  $8,000.00
Tender No. 2  $6,011.00  No bid
Tender No. 3  $25,101.00  $12,610.10
Tender No. 4  $10,551.00  No bid