Landfills Remain Open. The Hours of Operation Have Not Changed

Reduced services at waste sites to the acceptance of bagged garbage and household recycling only was undertaken in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the announcement of these reductions on March 18, 2020, site traffic has not reduced. Residents are attending waste sites in higher volumes than is typical for this time of year, and many are attending with minimal amounts of waste.

The Township of Minden Hills is urging residents to avoid waste sites as much as possible, in order reduce the number of individuals on site at any given time.

Do not attend waste sites unless you have accumulated 3 full bags of garbage

When attending waste sites, please adhere to the following:

  • Do not bring passengers to waste sites unless you need physical assistance unloading your vehicle or have no other arrangements made for watching a dependant (child, elderly, etc.).
  • Do not cross any physical barriers put in place at each site.
  • Do not approach attendants for assistance unless you are in physical distress.
  • Do not attend the site with any materials beyond bagged household waste and recycling.
  • Do not enter the site attendant’s shelter or bring food or beverages for the site attendants.
  • Do not exit your vehicle with the exception of unloading your vehicle at the household waste bin and recycling bins.
  • All communication with site staff shall be completed through the window of your vehicle, and shall be limited to discussions regarding the disposal of your waste.
  • When you have exited your vehicle, ensure that you are practicing social/physical distancing with a minimum of 2m (6 feet) between yourself and members of the public.

Any person verbally harassing or abusing site staff and/or failing to comply with the above requirements or regular waste facility rules/regulations will be suspended from attending the site for the remainder of the Provincial and Municipal declared COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency.

Please remember that these are temporary measures put in place to stop the transmission of COVID-19 and a return to normal operations will require the immediate and full cooperation of the public.

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