Policy for the Provisions of Municipal Services 

 1.       Purpose/Application

The purpose of this policy is to provide information to property owners on private or unassumed roads which informs them as to the standards that private roads shall be maintained in order to receive Municipal Services to their property.

 2.       Definitions

2.1      Emergency Services – means services provided by Fire and Ambulance.

2.2      Private Road – means any private road, land, ramp, Unassumed Township road allowance, or other means of vehicle access to or from a building or structure and may include part of a parking lot.

2.3      Township – means the Township of Minden Hills.

3.          Policy Statement

The Township established this policy in order that the property owners serviced by private roads can be aware of the standards required for these private roads, in order to receive municipal services.  In the event that private roads are not maintained to the standard as established herein then the provision of emergency services may be compromised and not be possible.

4.       Private Road Standards

The private road standard must meet the following:

(a)     Have a clear width of not less than 3.6 metres  (12’) unless it can be established by the service provider that a lesser width is satisfactory.

(b)     Have an overhead clearance of not less than 4.3 metres (14’) unless it can be established by the service provider that a lesser clearance is satisfactory.

(c)     Have a turnaround facility for any dead end road portion of the private road that facilities the turning around of the equipment of the emergency service provider.

(d)     Be designed to support the expected loads imposed by firefighting and EMS apparatus and be surfaced wit material designed to permit accessibility under all climate conditions.

(e)     Bridge on private roads must be engineered to withstand the weight of the aforementioned apparatus.

(f)      Private roads are to be maintained free of pot holes, snow, ice and foreign debris.

(g)     Private roads that provide access to more than one property should not be obstructed by a fence or other mechanism that may impede through traffic.