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The Agnes Jamieson Gallery is named in honour after Dr. Agnes Jamieson. Operating since 1981, the AJG is entrusted to preserve and present the life, work and ongoing legacy of André Lapine ARCA (1866-1952) and to exhibit work by local and regional visual artists.

The AJG works to develop opportunities for meaningful connections to contemporary and historical art through exhibitions, education and programming.

The Agnes Jamieson Gallery is a Recommender for the OAC Exhibit Assistance Program for Zone 4

André Lapine

The Agnes Jamieson Gallery collection includes over one hundred works by André Lapine (1866-1952), one of Canada’s foremost artist. Born in Russia (in the area that is now Latvia), Lapine trained with Professor Rose from the Imperial Acadamie of Petrograd. He gained further training in Paris and then traveled to through France, where he reported to have painted nearly fifty commissioned portraits, and ended in Holland. Here he was accepted into a prestigious group, St. Lucius Society, by Piet Mondrian. In 1901 he married and the couple immigrated to Canada in 1905 to northern Manitoba; working the land for one year. After this they went to Toronto, where Lapine quickly became a leading artist. He worked for Brigden’s Ltd. where he was known for his ability to render lace and fur for images in the Eaton’s catalogue. In 1909 Lapine was accepted into the Ontario Society of Artists and in 1919 to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Lapine’s paintings were very popular. He was described in the media as the best illustrator of horses in North America. He was society’s “Gentle Cavalier” and was part of the centennial exhibition to the Tate in London England as well as having his work accepted into a number of public art galleries across Canada.

He visited Minden as many of the well-known artists of the day did. Frank Welch, the town Reeve, was friends with Lapine, taking care of him in his final year. Welch acquired 42 of Lapine’s paintings during this time, which he bequeathed to the town of Minden. Dr. Jamieson knew this was a wonderful opportunity for the community and working with volunteers and keen determination, ensured a public gallery was created to properly house and showcase this collection.

2018 Gallery Programming

Exhibition Date/Time
Title/Artist Description
Artwork from Andre Lapine Jan 9 to Feb 24

Feb 10 from 1-3 PM





A selection of work from the AJG Collection





Realism (1850-1880)

Impressionism (1867-1886)


School art visitation program



 Artwork from the Initial exhibition Jan 16 to Feb 24

Feb 10 from 1-3 PM









Group exhibition of emerging artists living in the Haliburton Highlands
Shannon Schutt, Scott Walling, Daniel Wright.Includes examples of process and method in creating their work. Discussion panel about life choices and the role of an artist today at the reception.
Artwork from Doorways exhibition Feb 27 to April 28

Mar 3 from 2-4 PM




By Aaron Friend Lettner




An interactive exhibition, book plates from the original printing of Doorways were disassembled and scattered behind a wall of doors.

Viewers were invited to embark on their own journey as they reassembled the story, gathered clues, and solved puzzles.


Annual Members Show May 1 to May 26

May 4 from 4-5 PM



Annual Members Show




Since the AJG began in 1981, the Members Show has been held each year. This is a non-juried opportunity for members to show their most reception artwork.

Walter Braker was awarded an exclusive showing.


Artwork from Nocturnal Reflections exhibition May 29 to July 2

June 2 from 2-4 PM



Nocturnal Reflections

By Rob Niezen



Nocturnes consists of more than a dozen oil paintings. Some depict close-ups of roads and streets, reinforcing the feeling of movement and human activity, while other works offer a broader contextual city view.



Artwork from the Brightside Community Project exhibition May 29 to July 2

Reception June 2 from 2-4 PM




Brightside Community Project

By Matt McInnes



McInnes is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He uses drawing, sculpture, and traditional print media to visually document hybridized landscapes and buildings in transition, in the southern Ontario region.



Artwork from Layered Landscapes exhibition July 4 to Aug 25

Reception July 6 from 4:30-6 PM




Layered Landscapes: Wax and Thread

By Ava Roth



Roth’s current collection of encaustic sewings brings together the two seemingly irreconcilable mediums of encaustic painting and embroidery.These paintings explore the tensions between permanent and temporary, solid and delicate, transparent and opaque.



July 4 to Aug 25

Reception July 6 from 4:30-6 PM

 By Nadine Papp A unique exhibition of thread work on fabric of animals.


Artwork from Welcome to Yonder exhibition Aug 28 to Oct 6

Reception Sept 8 from 2-4 PM




Welcome to Yonder

By Jay Dart



Jay Dart is a drawist who has recently begun creating mixed media installation pieces that bring his two-dimensional narrative works to life.




picture from Self exhibition Oct 9 to Nov 3

Reception Oct 12 from 6-8 PM








Youth exhibition examining the idea of self using three different art methods: mixed media, still life photography and printmaking.

Involving students from Archie Stouffer Elementary School.



Artwork from Landscapes of the North exhibition Nov 6 to Dec 22

Nov 9 from 4:30-6 PM



Landscapes of the North; A Contemporary Vision

By Jennifer Churchill



Bright colours and bold lines, using the inspiration of Northern Canadian scenes, in acrylic paintings.





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