Winter Septic Inspection Information

Winter weather affects on-site sewage installation and inspection. Please factor the following information into project timelines:

  • The Township of Minden Hills does not conduct SEPTIC INSPECTIONS during the winter months. If the ground is frozen, or there is snow on the ground, the conditions are not right to conduct a proper inspection. When the weather begins getting cold, please allow adequate time – call the Building/Bylaw/Planning Department to ensure you can obtain an inspection.
  • The function and design of on-site sewage systems are highly dependent on construction practices and the proper classification of the native soil on which the system is built. For these reasons, The Township of Minden Hills does not conduct SITE INSPECTIONS to issue sewage permits, or INSTALLATION INSPECTIONS during the winter months.
  • Under most circumstances, a site visit is required in order to obtain a septic permit. However, this requirement does vary on a case by case basis, so it is important to contact the Building/Bylaw/Planning Department and to allow sufficient time for your permit approval.

Call the department at 705-286-1260 or visit the Building/Bylaw/Planning Department webpages for more information.