Use of Chinese Lanterns

The Minden Hills Fire Department Service would like to caution the public about the dangers of the use of Chinese lanterns.

Chinese lanterns, also known as wish or flying lanterns, have become increasingly popular worldwide as a means of celebrating special occasions – however, they carry a significant risk of fire or injury.

The lanterns are generally made from paper, supported by a wire frame that incorporates a holder at its base for a solid fuel heat source. In the event that the lantern is caught in a tree, or lands on a roof, the outcome could be tragic.

A Chinese lantern, is in essence, a naked flame floating into the sky with no control over the direction it will take or where it will land. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the internal fuel source will be fully extinguished and cooled, once the lantern descends.

These can present a very real fire hazard.

If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Doug Schell, Fire Chief at