Notice: Proposed Road Naming By-law

Take Notice that pursuant to Section 48 of the Municipal Act 2001, S.O., 2001, c25, as amended, the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Minden Hills, at its Regular Council Meeting, held on July 26, 2018 will consider a by-law to provide for the naming and renaming of private roads for the purpose of accommodating the addition/revision of private road names within the Township of Minden Hills.

The proposed change to the Township of Minden Hills Road Naming By-law is the renaming of a private road from Wrangler Trail to Tranquility Bay Lane.

A copy of the proposed By-law is available from the Township Office during regular business hours.

Dawn Newhook, Clerk
Township of Minden Hills
7 Milne Street Minden, ON K0M 2K0
(705) 286-1260 ext. 205