National Film Board Doc’s Night

Every Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm, Minden Hills Cultural Centre, Common Room. Today’s featured films are: 1. Food, Weapon of Conquest (1941) 22 mins – This newsreel shows food shortage in Nazi-occupied lands and how important the advancement of food development will concur; 2. Island Green (2014) 25 mins – this documentary looks at the changing face of PEI’s agricultural industry, once famous for spuds and red mud, this tiny island now has higher than average cancer and respiratory illness rates. Is there a link to industrialized farming? What if PEI went entirely organic?; 3. Big Trees (2013) 12 mins – This semi-animated film tells the story of a woman’s spectacular ocean view from her apartment window and how far she will go when the leaves start to obscure her view. For more information, call 705-286-3763.