Memorial Tree & Bench Program

The Township of Minden Hills strives to preserve and protect it natural landscape for its many residents and visitors alike. The Memorial Tree & Bench Program is one way for relatives and friends to take part in this important cause. The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute that benefits the community and natural environment, and memorial benches offer a unique remembrance of a loved one in one of Minden Hills’ many beautiful settings.

The Program will operate on a full cost-recovery basis while contributing to the “greening” of Minden Hills and increasing park and cemetery amenities. Download the Memorial Tree and Bench Program Overview for complete details.

Any person wishing to donate a tree or bench to a Township park, cemetery or facility must complete a Memorial Tree and Bench Program Request Form.

  • For spring planting the application deadline is April 1.
  • For fall planting the application deadline is September 1.


For more information, or for donation requests, contact the:

Community Services Department,
7 Milne Street, Minden, ON
K0M 2K0

Telephone: 705-286-1936 ext:200