Media Release 21-23: Neighbourhood Cleanup and Fire Safety Message

For Immediate Release
Minden, ON.
September 23, 2021
9:45 AM
Release #21-23

SUBJECT: Neighbourhood Cleanup and Fire Safety Message

On September 17, 2021, the Minden Hills Fire Department participated in an outdoor yard cleanup at Floralan Park Drive in Minden, ON.  Volunteers from the department assisted with cleaning up the outdoor yards for the tenants of the complex.

“We were asked to assist with the cleanup and provide a fire safety message about reducing the fire load and combustibles that can collect around the yards, fences and buildings.” said Deputy Fire Chief Shain Duda. “We want to remind everyone that they need to take responsibility for their family’s fire safety.”

There are some very simple things you can do to prevent buildup of combustible materials that contribute to fires around your home:

  • Reduce combustible materials near your home by chipping branches and small trees and composting lighter vegetation.
  • Manage the vegetation around your home by reducing shrubs, evergreen trees and dead material within 12 meters of buildings and create a non-combustible zone up to 2.5 meters from your home, when possible.
  • Work with neighbours or a neighbourhood association to keep these common areas thinned, pruned, and healthy. If these areas are left unmanaged and fill in with dense vegetation or down and dead wood, the overall wildfire hazard of the community greatly increases.
  • The Minden Hills Fire Department reminds everyone that only working smoke alarms give you and your family the early warning you need to safely escape a fire in your home.
  • Practice a home escape plan with everyone in your home so everyone knows exactly what to do if the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms sound in an emergency.

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Contact Information:

Shain Duda, Deputy Fire Chief
Township of Minden Hills Fire Department
PO Box 359, 12418 Hwy 35
Minden, ON K0M 2K0
705-286-1202 or 705-286-1260 ext. 561