Holiday Waste Recycling Guide

If you find yourself swimming in wrapping paper after your holiday gift exchange, here are some helpful tips for proper disposal:

Traditional Wrapping Paper:
– Remove all ribbons and bows and place in the Blue Box with your paper recycling
– Paper wrapping paper is recyclable even if it has some shiny accents on it (like gold stars or silver stripes)

Bows and Ribbons:
– Save for next year
– If damaged, place in the garbage

Cardboard Tubes:
After you have used the whole roll of wrapping paper, don’t forget to recycle the cardboard tube with your paper recycling

Foil Wrap:
– Place cellophane gift basket wrap and shiny foil wrapping paper in the garbage

We hope your holiday season has been full of joy and peace!

Want information about disposing of a specific item? Go to and type your item in the Waste Wizard.