Holiday Waste Recycling Guide

The holiday season creates many unique waste streams that cause confusion. These four common holiday items should be managed as follows:

Greeting Cards:
– Place in the Blue Box with your paper items
– Consider saving the fronts to use as gift tags next year

Paper Napkins:
– Place in the garbage, even if clean
– Consider using cloth napkins for a low waste option

– Place in the garbage if getting rid of ornaments
– Save for future years, or donate to a thrift store

Tangerine Crates:
– Place in the garbage or use as kindling for your woodstove
– Reuse for storage in the garage, basement or shed

Do you have questions about a specific item not mentioned here? Ask the Waste Wizard at You can also use the wizard to set up reminders about waste site closures, events and more.

Holiday Waste Recycling Guide