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Property Assessment Appeal Deadlines

For the 2018 to 2020 tax year, property owners will have until March 31st of the applicable tax year to file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR). Due to the emergency declared by the Province of Ontario, the deadline to file a regular RfR for the 2020 property tax year is September 28, 2020. The following link to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides additional information related to assessment appeals:

Important Tax Information

2020 Property Tax Installments Dates:

Residential, Farmlands and Managed Forests:

  • May 29th
  • June 26th
  • July 24th
  • September 18th

Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential:

  • September 18th
  • November 20th
  • May 29th
  • June 26th
  • July 24th
  • September 18th

HOWEVER late payment charges shall be suspended on all tax installments that are unpaid by the due dates. Interest at the rate of one and one quarter percent (1 ¼%) per month shall be charged on the first (1st) day following December 4, 2020, on all due and unpaid 2020 taxes.

Interest at the rate of one and one quarter percent (1 ¼%) per month will continue to be levied against taxes owing for previous years (2019 and older).

Preauthorized payment plan withdrawals will continue as originally scheduled.  Ten (10) month plan and Arrears plan payments will be deducted on the last business day of each month.  The installment plan payments will be withdrawn on July 24th and September 18th, 2020Post-dated cheques on file will also be deposited on the dates as indicated on the cheques.

If you have any questions regarding your preauthorized payment plan or post-dated cheques, please call (705) 286-1260, extension 201.

We encourage account holders to utilize the payment methods available, and to submit payments as soon as reasonably possible.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash and debit payments are currently suspended.
  • On-line or telephone banking.
  • Payment at financial institutions.
  • Cheque-by mail or deposit in the drop box. The secure (locked) drop box is labelled and located on the north wall of the Administration building facing Pritchard Lane and the Municipal parking lot. It is accessed from the wheelchair entrance and is at the top of the first ramp.

Absolutely no cash is to be deposited in the drop box.

Payment Options & Procedures

Due to COVID-19, the calculation of interest and penalties has changed for 2020. Please visit the following link for further information: Changes to the March Tax Due Date

Your taxes may be paid via pre-authorized payment or telephone/internet banking services of the CIBC, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia or any Canadian Credit Union. Payment may be mailed to our postal address; if you require a receipt please provide a self addressed, stamped envelope. You may also pay your taxes by debit, cheque or cash in person at the Municipal Office, using the Pritchard Lane entrance.

Please note that if you use telephone or internet banking to pay your taxes, a separate account is required for each roll number. Your account is the 19 digit roll number found on your tax bill that starts with 4616. As we move forward with automatic uploading of payment information, it is even more important that you use the correct account information.

The Township will not be held responsible for any penalty or interest charges resulting from inaccurate account informationPlease ensure that you are using the correct 19 digit number, and that each account is paid separately.

If you wish to pay by preauthorized payment, the Township offers the following plans. Forms are available below or at the Township office.

10 Month Payment Plan – February through June, payments are 10% of the previous year’s tax levy. July through November will be adjusted to reflect any increase/decrease in the current year’s total levy. Payments will be withdrawn on the last banking day of each month.

12 Month/Arrears Plan – a pre-approved amount will be withdrawn on the last business day of each month to clear up overdue taxes. Should you wish to use the 12 Month Plan for current tax payments, be advised that any portion of an installment not paid by the end of the month in which it is due will be subject to penalty. This is a set amount and is not automatically adjusted to account for tax increases; it is the owner’s responsibility to monitor their account balance and to contact the tax department to adjust the withdrawal amount should it not be sufficient to cover the levied amounts. Penalty will not be waived for any reason.

Due Date Plan – amounts will be deducted on the due dates as provided on your tax bill.

Or download the Preauthorization Payment Form

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Tax Due Date History

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