Building Permit Information

Building Permits

A Building Permit is required for demolishing, renovating or building. For a complete list of common projects that require a building permit, please download the When is a Building Permit Required? Information Sheet.

To assist you in your building plans, the Township has produced a Quick Reference Guide to the Township’s Zoning By-law which addresses most of the frequently asked questions. Even when a building permit is not required, all buildings and structures must comply with the Township’s Zoning By-law.

Please contact or visit the Building department, #7 Milne Street, Minden, or call 705-286-1260 Ext. 511. Staff will be available to assist and walk you through the process.

Building Inspections

Building Inspections are mandatory under the Ontario Building Code. 

The Building Department has two (2) business days from the date of notice for an inspection, to undertake the inspection. Please ensure that when you call for your inspection, you are ready at that time. Should you not be ready at the time of inspection, a re-inspection fee may be charged. Please do not email or fax in your inspection.

COVID-19 and Requests for Building Inspections 

The Building Department will continue to conduct building inspections upon request subject to the following requirements:

  1. Anyone in the building during the inspection must be wearing a mask and practice social distancing; or
  2. Anyone not wearing a mask must leave the building until the Township Building Officials have completed their inspection and left the building, or relocate to another area of the building where no inspections will be occurring and no contact will be made with the Building Officials.

Failure to comply with the above will result in inspection being cancelled and rescheduled to a time when compliance with the requirements can be met.

Booking an Inspection

To book an inspection, please call Paula Ingram, Permit Clerk/Municipal Law Enforcement Officer 705-286-1260 Ext. 511.

When calling in for an inspection, should you reach a voice mail, please leave the owners name, type of inspection and a phone number.  All calls are returned on the day they are received.

Building Inspections are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner.  When hiring a contractor, please discuss who will be calling in for your inspections. At any point and time during construction, the owner may call in for a status update on their file.

Classes of fees and permits are shown on Schedule A of the Fees and Charges Bylaw 21-56 

For general building inquiries, please call 705-286-1260 Ext. 511 or email Paula Ingram.


The Building Department has a maximum of two weeks to process a COMPLETED application – this is an application that has all relevant documentation to process the permit, in our office.

Construction is not to commence, nor will Inspections be scheduled, until you have your building permit in your hand and all fees have been paid in full.

Building Permit Application Package