Community Improvement Plan

Minden Village Community Improvement Plan

The Township of Minden Hills is currently developing a Community Improvement Plan for Minden Village with the assistance of Stantec Consulting Ltd. In developing this Plan, we look forward to your input and involvement.

What is a Community Improvement Plan?

A community improvement plan is a tool that municipalities can use to address some of the challenges in planning and financing development activities that effectively use, reuse and restore lands, buildings and infrastructure.

Community Improvement Plans are authorized under the Planning Act to allow municipalities to guide positive growth and change in an area. Specifically, CIPs allow a municipality to:

  • assist with the provision of affordable housing and improving energy efficiency;
  • facilitate and encourage community change in a coordinated manner;
  • provide municipal incentive-based programs to stimulate private-sector activity;
  • acquire, hold, clear, or otherwise prepare land for community improvement; and,
  • construct, repair, rehabilitate or improve buildings on municipal land.

Community Improvement Plan Goals

Many municipalities across Ontario utilize this tool in order to promote revitalization, private investment and economic development.  This can include the Township providing financial  incentives for improvements to infrastructure, streetscapes, and public space which meet the objectives of the Community Plan.

How Can I Participate?

Over the course of the CIP’s development there will be a number of opportunities to participate.

Notice of Public Consultation for Community Improvement Plan – Tuesday August 21, 2018, 6-8 PM

We encourage you to stop by our first consultation event for further information on Community Improvement Plans, and to seek out the public’s input on the direction of the CIP.  See notice below:

For more information on the project or to be added to the mailing list for future updates, please contact:

Ian Clendening, MPl., Planner, 705-286-1260 etc. 206, OR Stephanie Bergman, MA, Planner, 519-675-6614,