Chair: Councillor Brigitte Gall – bgall@mindenhills.caThe purpose of the Youth Committee is to bring issues concerning youth in our community to the Council table. This committee will be a combination of adult and youth members.

Committee Members:

Scotty Boyd
Sandra Bradley
Michelle Moore
Joanna Penfold
Kim Switzer

Staff: Clerk Cheryl McCarroll


Future meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Friday of each month, at 12:30 p.m. at the Scout Hall, behind the Minden Hills Community Centre


Friday, December 16th, 2011
Recreation Centre – Scout HallPresent: Sandi Bradley, Michelle Moore, Lisa Schell, Rick Cox, Brigitte Gall
Regrets: Joanna Penfold,
Absent: Crystal Burnett, Kim Switzer

Guest Presenter: Jim DeFlorio – Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters CKL-Haliburton

1. Chair Gall called the meeting to order at 12:30pm
2. Motion to approve the agenda
(M: Michelle Moore, S: Lisa Schell) Carried
3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest – none.
4. Motion to approve minutes of November 18th, including correction to minutes of Oct. 21, 2011 identifying Kim Switzer as present.
(M: Michelle Moore, S: Lisa Schell) Carried
5. Jim DeFlorio – Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters CKL-Haliburton
began by giving the committee some background on BBBS.
Big Brothers Big Sisters is a charitable organization with over 170 agencies across Canada providing support to over 300 communities.
Big Brothers Big Sisters operates in all 50 U.S. states, in 10 Canadian Provinces and one territory, and in 35 countries.
All Chapters are autonomous, must fundraise to secure financing, and pay dues to the Head Office.
BBBS CKL operation budget for four staff members is $180,000. 86% of their budget is met through fundraising, donations, events and grant writing. The United Way support BBBS CKL with $28,000 annually – however this is not a secured revenue stream, and they must apply each year with no guarantee that it will be approved. It was noted to the committee that BBBS CKL-Haliburton does not have a BBBS Foundation to assist with funding. As well, Foundations rarely, if ever, provide operational expense funding – so this must be secured through fundraising and community awareness/donations.
BBBS matches adult volunteers to children needing adult mentoring. The screening process, codes of conduct, and best practices is very rigorous.

Programs Offered:
As well as one-to-one mentoring, BBBS offers In School Mentoring programs, Inter-Generation Mentoring, Couples for Kids, Internet Mentoring, Go Girls, Game On! (8 wk self esteem programs which also focuses on the importance of physical activity and healthy eating), and Life Skills programs.
In 2011 – BBBS served 111 children in CKL-Haliburton (children between 6-16).
Currently there are 65 children on a waiting list in CKL and 7 children on the waiting list for Haliburton (there have been many calls from other service agencies such as Children’s Aid, Social Services etc., requesting mentorships for children on their lists).
BBBS CKL-Haliburton provided programming for 2% of the population.
BBBS Toronto – provides programming for the same percentage of population – over a much smaller geographic region.
Stats Canada (2009) identifies that there are 5,200 children in single-parent homes in CKL-Haliburton. Single parent basic need requirements leave little time available to take children out for sports, school or recreational activities – and this is one of the key areas that BBBS offers by way of mentoring.

Challenges with serving Haliburton County:
Large geographical area. Distance and Transportation for matching a mentor to a child often factors in. For example, if a volunteer is available but lives in Carnarvon, and a child in need is waiting for a match in Wilberforce – this presents a barrier.
BBBS relies on donations from businesses to provide office space. With no ‘store front’ in Hailburton County, and limited financial resources for extra staffing, they rely largely on word-of-mouth to relay the benefits of mentoring young people in our community.
Rick Cox asked if there were existing models of Youth Centres which partner with other outreach organizations. Jim identified that there were models of other Youth Centres which rotate supervision and offer full time programming. For example, one day a case-worker from BBBS could be available to offer staffing and programming, another day could be a case-worker from another outreach organization etc.
Rick Cox noted that in order to follow this model, would probably require that the municipality offer part-time staffing, and asked, based on the salary of a part-time case-worker for BBBS, what this amount might be. Jim offered that $15K, while not enough to hire a full time case-worker could be a jumping off point of discussion to cover the costs of a part-time individual hired to run the Centre. If a full time person within the municipality were hired, additional money could be sought through grant writing, and partnering with the other service organizations sharing staffing hours – while promoting and highlighting their programs and outreach accomplishments. Jim also noted that BBBS would be willing to partner with the municipality to apply for Trillium Funding to help offset costs if it was determined that this could be mutually beneficial.
Brigitte to investigate other Youth Centre Partnership models and bring back to YAC for information and discussion.
6. Other Business:
Co-Chair/Councilor Lisa Schell and Director of Community Services Rick Cox will contact the high school after the holidays to speak with Student Council/Civics Class and ask the students to identify needs, gaps, and challenges and how a Youth Drop In Centre could best meet their requirements.
7. Next Meeting: January 20th, 12:30pm – Scout Hall
8. Meeting Adjourned – 2:03pm (M: Michelle Moore)


Friday, Oct. 21st, 2011 at 12:30pmRecreation Centre – Scout Hall

Present: Sandi Bradley, Crystal Burnett, Rick Cox, Brigitte Gall, Michelle Moore, Joanna Penfold, Lisa Schell
Guest presenter: Robert Cyr, Boys and Girls Club of Lindsay

1. Chair Gall called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.

2. Motion to approve the agenda as amended.
Moore/Bradley – Carried

3. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest – none

4. Motion to approve the minutes of July 15, 2011.
Penfold/Switzer – Carried

5. Robert Cyr, Volunteer and Community Services, Boys and Girls Club of Lindsay
Presented the programs, funding model, and how this organization can be of service to this area. An information kit was also provided.
– as a national organization, is able to access funds through national, provincial and various community organizations and very dependent on grants. The Boys and Girls Club of Lindsay has a Foundation which is a significant supporter of the programs.
– has been establishing programs in outlying communities as long as it is based on demonstratable need, community support and partnerships.
– provides Support Services through a Youth Justice based program (delivers alternative measures for youth in the legal system) and a program for high risk youth providing support for youth and their family in communicating and problem solving.
– Youth Centre and Youth Services are short-term programs which provides a safe-zone for social access as well as more structured programs around this.
– Shuttle service is a relatively new but significant aspect of making this more accessible to youth.
– Age groupings/services: 0–6 day care programs; 4–14 after school programs; 11-13 ‘tweens programs’; 15–18 drop-in programs, but flexible in how kids fit into these programs.
– The Foundation also has Scholarship Programs – provides longer-term goals.
– Early involvement in the programs provides more success in involving kids at the teen/youth stage.
– key to all of the programs is the people who engage directly with the young people and their ability to relate to youth.
– How can the Lindsay Boys and Girls Club be of assistance to YAC?
i. Advisor – contact Rob or Organization for any questions.
ii. To establish a Boys and Girls Club Program there needs to be a formal request to the Board of Directors. The more organizations and people that are involved in this formal request, the more opportunity for success. The Needs Assessment from the information package provides a good basis for the type of information needed in the formal request.
iii. As part of a formal request, work together with as many groups/individuals as possible. Locally, that would be Point-in-Time (this includes our Youth Justice program), Children’s Aid, schools, church organizations that have youth programs, etc.

6. Business:
– Councillor Gall introduced the idea of having Councillor Lisa Schell as Co-chair for the YAC. YAC committee approved the concept as they felt it would provide more continuity and make the Chair role more flexible.
– The Draft Terms of Reference were discussed and the Committee agreed on the following changes/additions: in Committee Composition, it should be noted that there should be a youth representation on the Committee; Quorum and perhaps Committee number should be clarified; definition of Youth persons aged 12 to 20.
– Membership and Information poster (prepared jointly by Switzer/Gall/Penfold) was approved with minor changes suggested re: age of youth. The posters will be distributed in appropriate places. For youth members, attendance at YAC meetings through Skype should be investigated.

– Motion to accept nomination of Crystal Burnet as member of the YAC, pending Council approval. Switzer/Moore – Carried

– Bradley/Penfold reported on discussion with Events Advisory Committee concerning publishing of events. This is possible through Make It Minden website, under Rick Cox’s Department, but there is no link at the moment with the Minden Hills website nor personnel dedicated to this role. Communication is a larger issue not just for this Committee and requires further information and discussion.
– Main item for the next meeting will be exploratory discussion as to if/how the Committee can proceed with formal request to Boys and Girls Club program. Representative from other Youth Groups and Youth Service providers will be invited to participate in this discussion.

7. Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 at the Recreation Centre, Scout Hall, Minden.

8. Meeting adjourned at 2:38 by Michelle Moore.