Roads and Services

Summer Roads Maintenance

Summer maintained roadways receive regularly scheduled maintenance between May 1 and October 31 and includes grading and gravel repair. Crews are also out patching and ditching along these roadways within the municipality as well as oversee the application of dust suppressant materials during late spring/early summer.

Spring Load Restrictions are placed on Township roadways in conjunction with the County of Haliburton Spring Load Restrictions. Please watch for the notice posted to the website each spring.

Road Construction/Closures

We ask everyone to please reduce your speed when approaching work zones. We care about the safety of our employees’ as well as your own safety.

Proposed Road Construction will be posted after final budget approval for each year and will include anticipated start times.
Please check back for construction and /or road closure updates.


Winter Roads Maintenance


The Winter Road Maintenance Policy was passed by Council to reflect the winter maintenance activities that have been established by the Township of Minden Hills Roads Department to provide winter driving conditions consistent with the needs of a “low traffic volume rural and village” road system in a Canadian winter.

The objective continues to focus on maintaining all streets in a snow packed condition. There are three (3) categories of roads: A-high volume, B-Low volume and C-no winter maintenance roads.

A uniform degree of effort is to be expended on all roads in Categories A and B. The uniform effort for each category may not necessarily result in the same level of service, due to topography, surface type and traffic conditions. Plow routes are designed to completely cover the system under normal conditions within ten (10) hours. All roads will be cleared of new fallen snow (in excess of 20 cm. dry or 10 cm. wet) within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the storm. Service levels are to be attained with a labour force to operate a fleet consisting of seven (7) combination plow/sander trucks, one (1) one-ton, one (1) grader, one (1) loader and one (1) patrol truck. Established call out time to commence operations is 6:00 a.m. For a storm of long duration, operations will be suspended at 6:00 p.m. etc.

Where localized traffic conditions create ice, the surface condition will be upgraded within twelve (12) hours of the notification of the conditions, by the application of a salt/sand mixture. Sanding on Category A and B roads will be intermittent (i.e. on hills, corners and inter- sections), in normal conditions and will be solid for extremely slippery conditions (i.e. an ice storm). If operations are underway and weather conditions deteriorate to make driving unsafe, operations will cease until weather conditions clear. Calls from police, fire and ambulance services for an emergency will be considered on an individual basis. Sanding will be undertaken at the discretion of the Road Superintendent, or his designate. In unusual circumstances the Road Superintendent, or his designate, has the authority to deviate from this policy.

Please Note that the Township has the resources to clean snow or sand for our entire roadway system once within a 24 hour period. Routes are prioritized to attempt to address the more heavily travelled roadways and bus routes first, followed by secondary routes.

Damaged Mailboxes

The Township of Minden Hills is not responsible for damage to unmaintained mailboxes caused by snowplows while plowing roadways.

Winter Parking

Overnight Parking

Pursuant to By-Law 09-01 A Bylaw to Regulate Parking, Overnight Parking on municipal roadways and parking lots, between the hours of midnight and 8:00 am, is prohibited from November 1st to April 30th of each year. Vehicles parked in these areas that prohibit the removal of snow will be towed away and/or ticketed at the owner’s expense.

Winter Sand

Is available beginning November 1st at the S.G. Nesbitt Memorial Arena parking lot, 55 Parkside Street for residential use.
Please note:  This is for Individual Use Only – No Commercial Users


Road Classifications

There are 5 classifications of roadways within the Township. They are:

  1. Provincial Roadways such as Highway 35 and Highway 118
  2. County Roadways such as County Roads 21, 121 & 2
  3. Township Year Round Maintained Roadways
  4. Township Summer Maintained Roadways

Please refer to the Township Road Map for more details on road classifications.