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Nature’s Place in Minden Hills, formerly known as R.D. Lawrence Place, is an Environmental Museum and Resource Centre with a mandate to educate, inspire and expand our understanding of our place in nature.

Minden Hills and the Haliburton Highlands are one of the most environmentally interesting regions in Ontario. The abundance of natural resources has drawn people here for over 600 years. Our wildlife, wetlands and forests have attracted academics, researchers and scientists from around the globe. This is one of the only places in the world where one can physically witness the geological development of the earth; what has become known as “the land between”.

Just over a year ago the Minden Hills Cultural Centre began to focus on broadening the mandate of this building based on what had already been established. Over the past 15 months, the Minden Hills Cultural Centre Advisory Committee (MHCCAC), along with the curatorial staff, worked diligently in developing a strong and well defined vision for this building.

The constructs and mandates of several organizations, museums, foundations and facilities throughout Canada and the United States were considered in developing a clear understanding of how to best meet our objective. Once this process was complete, we were able to define our vision.

The MHCCAC believed a new name should be chosen to reflect the vision of the facility itself.  The use of “Nature’s Place” allows us to clearly demonstrate our vision through a name; and at the same time coveys to the public the agenda of the facility. This name will tell people who and what we are without ambiguity; it allows for the building of strong and resilient partnerships internationally, nationally, provincially and of course municipally.

Nature’s Place is committed to enhancing the visitors experience by establishing programs, exhibitions and partnerships that reflect the different facets of nature. From current environmental topics to natural heritage, it will be a place where issues can be presented and voices created.

We are also committed to building strong partnerships with a number of like-minded, local organizations and national and international associations; creating a stronger level of environmental awareness for the public and encouraging the education and discussion of natural heritage, wildlife and controversial environmental issues.

We would like to thank the Staff of the Cultural Centre for their hard work in this new development; the Minden Hills Council for their support in this endeavour; Minden Hills Cultural Centre Advisory Board for their tremendous dedication to this facility and the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization and the David Suzuki Foundation for their generous donations to Nature’s Place.

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