A person is entitled to be a voter at the municipal elections if on Voting Day (Oct. 27, 2014) they are:

  • A Canadian citizen
  • At least 18 years of age or older on Voting Day
  • Reside in the Township of Minden Hills or an owner or tenant of land or the spouse of such owner or tenant
  • Not otherwise prohibited from voting

For a list of acceptable voter identification, please click here

If you are unable to produce one of these pieces of identification, please click here for the Declaration of Identity form.

Method of Voting

The Council of the Township of Minden Hills has approved internet and telephone voting in conjunction with a paper ballot at a voting location for the 2014 Municipal Election. Intelivote Systems Inc. has been awarded the contract for providing Internet and Telephone Election services.

For more information, please click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding internet and telephone voting.

For more detailed descriptions of these methods of voting, please click here.

The key to a successful experience with the municipal election is to ensure you are on the voters list.  Please see the following information to assist you with everything you need to know.  Updates will continue throughout the election year including a public education seminar for internet and telephone voting. Please refer to this page for future dates, times and locations.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for preparing the preliminary list of electors for each municipality and school board during an election year.

Are you on the Voter’s List?

At this time, those wishing to add their name to the Voters’ List or make an amendment must fill out the following form and return it to the Clerk’s Department located on the second floor at 7 Milne Street, Minden ON or call the municipal Voter Help Centre/Revisions Centre at 705-286-1260 ext 217 or 212.

Application to Amend Voters List – EL15

Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting is available to those who can not vote using the internet or telephone and who also can not vote in person at a voting location.

  • Voting Proxy form must have both proxy and your original signatures in order for the municipal clerk or designate to certify
  • Photocopies, Faxes or digital signatures are NOT accepted
  • The proxy must be an eligible elector in the Minden Hills Election
  • If you are appointed proxy for a family member, spouse, sibling, parent, grandchild. There is no limit to the number of times you can proxy for family members.
  • If you are appointed as the proxy for a person who is not a family member, you may not be appointed as a proxy for anyone else, including family members.
  • This method is only available for paper ballot voting

Appointment for Voting Proxy

Please remember this form must be signed and certified by the municipal clerk or designate after September 12, 2014

Participation in Internet Voting Study

The Township of Minden Hills will be one of many Ontario municipalities participating in a study about the attitudes of people who vote using the internet.  Electors who choose to use the internet to vote will be asked after they have voted if they would like to complete a survey regarding the internet voting process.  Researchers with the University of Toronto will be able to analyse the data and provide us information in regards to whether this method of voting should be used in the next election, and the general consensus feelings from the public about internet voting.

The researchers behind the study will not have access to the elector’s confidential information, nor will they be able to match an elector to their vote.  The survey will be done on a completely voluntary basis as well and will be at no cost to the Township.