Landfill Operations

Landfill Information

  • Download the Landfill Information Sheets for a detailed list of acceptable and non acceptable items.
  • Orange landfill cards must be shown to the attendant for entry to the site.
  • Effective September 30, 2015, Green Landfill cards are no longer accepted.
  • “NEW” fees for construction waste loads that contain over 6% of recyclable materials will be charged $80.00/cu.yd.
  • “NEW” fees for household garbage that contain over 6% of recyclable waste will be charged $2.00/bag.
  • Clear bags are mandatory.
  • • Recycling of all materials is strictly enforced. Download the Recycling Strategies sheets for more information.
  • Scotchline Landfill has a “Reuse” area for items in good condition such as books, sporting goods, dinnerware and furnishings. Unacceptable items include any child care items such as car seats, cribs or high chairs, electrical devices, safety equipment as well as general refuse.
  • Contractors must fill out a contractor authorization form for the purpose of charging for tipping fees. Forms are available at the Administration Office, front counter.
  • Boat Shrink Wrap that is clean and tightly bundled with string will be accepted for the month of July only at a cost of $5/wrap and may be dropped off at the Scotchline landfill site.
  • Landfill attendants have the right to refuse entry to any landfill site for appropriate reasons
  • Annual summary reports are available upon request.

The ground monitoring of the Municipal landfill sites for Minden Hills is contracted out to Cambium Environmental as required by Ministry of the Environment regulations.

Municipal Waste Recycling Strategy Plan Summary (2011)


 Landfill Information_002Directions to Landfill Sites 


Located at 1674 Ingoldsby Road. Take County Road 21 to Kashagawigamog Lake Road.  Travel through Ingoldsby to the first road on the right past the bridge.  Landfill is approx ½ km on the left, or take County Road 1 (Gelert Road) to Ingoldsby Road and follow for approx 3 km.


Located at 2309 Milburn Road, 1 km west of County Road 503, or 8 km east of County Road 1(Gelert Road).

Iron Mine

Davis Lake Road is located north of Miner’s Bay Lodge off Hwy 35.  Go East on Davis Lake Road 4 km.  At the “y” in the road by the Radio Tower, take straight branch (left), 1 km to landfill site.

Little Gull

Take Hwy 35 North to Bobcaygeon Road. Travel through Minden and turn Left onto Deep Bay Road (County Road 2) Follow approx 4 km, or take Hwy 35 South of Minden approx 14 km South, just South of Little Gull Lake and turn onto Deep Bay Road, follow road approximately 4 km.

Scotch Line

Take Hwy 35 North to Scotch Line Road. Turn left onto Scotch Line Road.  Follow road approx 1 km.  Landfill is on the left, or take Bobcaygeon Road North to Scotch Line Road, turn right onto Scotch Line



2016 Fee Schedule

Equipment with Fluorocarbons (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners etc. Doors must be removed)$50.00 – untagged.No Charge – if tagged by certified Technician. Accepted at Scotch Line only.



Household Waste Bag Limit No Charge – 3 clear garbage bags of recycled/sorted household waste per week
Household Waste – Recycled/Sorted $1.00 – per additional bag
Household Waste – Unrecycled/Unsorted  $2.00 per bag or $50.00 per cubic yard (pick-up or trailer, bin, compactor or dump truck)
Tires – Car & Truck No charge – 5 tires allowed per trip. Tires on rims are accepted. Accepted at Scotch Line only
CFC Appliances (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners etc.) $50.00 – untagged. No Charge – tagged by certified Technician. Accepted at Scotch Line only.
All Metal & Appliances – Except CFC’s (this includes but is not limited to anything made of metal – stoves, washers, dryers etc.) No Charge
Household & Commercial Refuse – Sorted $25.00 – per cubic yard. Accepted at Scotch Line only (pick-up or trailer, bin, compactor or dump truck)
Commercial Refuse –  Not Sorted $50.00 – per cubic yard. Accepted at Scotch Line only (pick-up or trailer, bin, compactor or dump truck)
Construction Material – Sorted $40.00 – per cubic yard. Accepted at Scotch Line only (pick-up or trailer, bin, compactor or dump truck)
Construction Material – Not Sorted $80.00 – per cubic yard. Accepted at Scotch Line only (pick-up or trailer, bin, compactor or dump truck)
 Propane Tanks  (Empty) No Charge – Accepted at Scotch Line only
Mattresses & Upholstered Furniture, Box Springs, Carpet (10 x 10) $10.00 per item. Accepted at Scotch Line only
Brush No Charge – Accepted at Ingoldsby, Iron Mine and Irondale sites only
Oil Tanks – per tank (must not contain any oil) No Charge – Must be empty and have a 2′ x 2′ hole or cut in half.
BBQs (Propane tank removed) No Charge – Accepted at all sites in metal bin
Boats $2.00 – per foot stripped of all metal.  $4.00 – per foot not stripped. Accepted at Scotch Line only
Boat Shrink Wrap $5.00 – per wrap – Accepted at Scotch Line only during the month of July
Boat Motors/Snowblowers (all fluids must be drained)No Charge – Accepted at all sites in metal bin
E-Waste (televisions, computers, etc.) No Charge – Accepted at Scotch Line or Irondale sites only
 Approved Contaminated Soil  $20.00 per cubic yard
Yard Waste – grass clippings, leaves, weeds  No Charge – Accepted at Scotchline, Ingoldsby, Iron Mine and Irondale

      What is a Cubic Yard?


Cottage Kits

Cottage Kits are available at the Administrative Building, 7 Milne Street or can be picked up from the Scotchline Landfill. Kits are 1 for $3.00 or 10 for $25.00.


There is no charge for recycling at any landfill site.

Accepted Items Include:


1. Boxboard & Mixed PaperHousehold & office paper, junk mail, envelopes, writing, computer & wrapping paper, greeting cards; cereal, detergent, tissue and shoe boxes, paper towel & toilet paper tubes, fiber egg cartons and plastic lined cat & dog food bags, paper shopping bags. 

2. Newspapers, Magazines & Books: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, glossy flyers, advertising inserts, phone books and soft cover books

3. Corrugated CardboardPizza boxes & cardboard boxes.  Clean & flatten. No waxed corrugated boxes or soiled pizza boxes.

4. Tetra-Pak BoxesJuice, milk, soup & other ”Tetra-Pak” type boxes.

5. “Gable-Top” Cartons: Polycoat (waxed) milk, juice, sugar & liquid egg cartons and paper plates (clean of food).



1. Glass Bottles & Jars: All clear & coloured glass food and beverage containers

2. Plastic Containers & Lids: Pop & water bottles, yogurt, margarine, ice cream, clear fruit/veggie containers, ketchup, dish soap, bleach, shampoo and vitamin bottles (marked 1-7 on the bottom), peanut butter jars, plastic milk bags, fabric softener, laundry detergent & windshield washer fluid jugs.

3. Metal Cans & Foils: All tin and aluminum food and beverage cans, clean aluminum foil, pie plates, take out trays. Rinse and remove lids on tin cans and place inside can and pinch closed.

4. Polystyrene (Styrofoam): Meat and bakery trays, egg cartons, coffee cups, clean paper plates and fast food containers. No blue or pink styrofoam, insulation, packing styrofoam peanuts or beads.



The Township of Minden Hills has entered into an agreement with Pnewko Brothers to recycle oil, anti-freeze and hydraulic lubricant containers. This service is of no charge to residents of Minden Hills. There are considerations the Township requests when residents bring the containers to the landfills:

  • Please ensure that all pails and containers are empty of liquid. Only a small residue should remain.
  • Please remove all pail lids and place lids in the bags with the oil jugs.
  • Please do not pails in the bags.
  • Please ensure that all pail lids are free of metal.
  • Please stack pails. Keep the lid on the top pail to prevent liquid from gathering in the pail.
  • Please replace the cap on all oil jugs after draining. This prevents the pooling of oil in the bottom of the bag.

Collection is available at all Township landfill and transfer station locations.


Please rinse out cans, bottles, jars and other containers.

Please do not package “fibres” in plastic bags.

NO cosmetic containers, toothpaste tubes, stretch wrap, insulation, packing styrofoam peanuts or beads.

NO straws, milk, bread, shopping & dry cleaning bags.

NO wrap from toilet paper, paper towels, etc., bubble or boat wrap, tarps or other large sheets of plastic film. 

NO vinyl siding, shower curtains, blister packs, coat hangers, foil laminates (i.e. foil gift wrap, potato chip bags), used tissues or paper towels. 

Recycling must be in blue boxes or transparent bags which must be dumped


Household Hazardous Waste

Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste items
Rechargeable batteries (eg. Telephone & cell phone batteries), small household batteries, fluorescent bulbs, CFL bulbs, printer ink jets, toner cartridges, empty aerosol cans – place in the RED bins at Scotch Line landfill site, all other sites, please give to the landfill attendant.  DRY & EMPTY paint cans can be placed in the metal bins.

Household Hazardous Waste Days

Scheduled for 2017: May 20, June 24, Aug 5, Sept 2 & Oct 7

Household Hazardous Waste Days are held at the Scotch Line Landfill Site from 8:00 am to 11:30 am on the long weekends in May, August, September and October. Please note that the June date is NOT a long weekend. Hazardous waste cannot be stored at the landfill and will only be accepted on the above noted days.

Acceptable items on Household Hazardous Waste Days ONLY 
Latex and Oil Paints, Finishing Products, e.g. varnish, glues, etc.; Used Motor Oil; Auto and Household Batteries; Propane Tanks and Cylinders; Cleaners, e.g. bleach, oven cleaner, etc.; Aerosol Cans; Solvents, e.g. varsol, paint thinners, etc.; Pesticides and Herbicides; Pool and Photographic Chemicals

Unacceptable Waste Classes

Industrial Waste; Needles/Sharps; PCB’s; Radioactives; Pathological