Emergency & Health Services

Fire Safety Meter

Fire Safety Meter

Contact Information:

Fire Chief Doug Schell 705-286-1260 ext 222
General Clerical Assistant Deanna Smith 705-286-1260 ext 212
Minden Hills Fire Station 5 Pritchard Lane 705-286-1202
Mailing Address P.O. Box 359, Minden ON, K0M 2K0


Non-Emergency Contact Numbers:

Police (TTY/Teletypewriter) 12598 Hwy 35 1-888-310-1133
Emergency Medical Services
6 South Street, Haliburton ON, K0M 1S0
Administration T: 705-457-1616
F: 705-457-1203
Hydro One T:1-800-434-1235
Poison Information Centre 1-800-268-9017


Hydro One Service Disruptions

For up to date information on Hydro One Service Disruptions in Ontario, visit the Hydro One Storm Center.

Volunteer Fire Department

The Minden Fire Department is a volunteer department staffed by a Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, 3 captains, 22 firefighters, a Training Officer and an General Clerical Assistant.  The Minden Hills Fire Department is comprised of dedicated men and women who volunteer their time to serve their communities within our township. Each firefighter wears a pager and is on-call at all times. All firefighters work to provincial standards of education, training and licenses.  Firefighters attend bi-weekly training sessions, focusing on practical firefighting skills and the proper use and maintenance of equipment.

Education is the key in fire prevention; our department strives to deliver this information in an exciting and professional manner by granting exposure to the fire trucks, fire gear, by promoting the importance of smoke detectors and a strong understanding of practicing good safety habits in Fire Prevention.  Each year the Fire Department has many opportunities to promote Fire Prevention & Safety within the community and looks forward to participating in those activities as it is important for all ages to gain knowledge and discuss fire prevention and safety.

The Fire Department is involved in many activities in the community promoting Fire Prevention and Safety awareness, giving the community and seasonal visitors a chance to talk to firefighters, ask questions and participate in fundraising for the Department.

Equipment Roster

The Minden Fire Department has 5 trucks in service for responding to emergencies:

1997 Rescue Truck                                          1995 Pumper Truck
2008 Tanker/Pumper                                        2002 Ford Extenda Cab Truck
2011 Pierce Custom Pumper

The Minden Fire Department also has auxiliary equipment for use in snow, water and off-road search and rescue:

1999 Ski-Doo Tundra Snowmobile                 2003 Bombardier Traxter ATV
Rescue Boggan Sleigh with Wheel Kit Jon Boat & Trailer

Fire Restrictions

From April 1st to October 31st in any year is “Fire Season.”  During Fire Season there are specific guidelines and regulations that need to be followed.  If you require further information on these regulations, Fire Chief, Doug Schell, may be contacted at 705-286-1260 ext 222.

No person shall start a fire outdoors for the purpose of burning piled wood, brush, leaves or discarded wood products unless:

  • a responsible person is available to tend the fire until it is extinguished;
  • the material is burned in a single pile that is less than two (2) metres in diameter and less than two (2) meters high;
  • the fire is started no earlier than two (2) hours before sunset, and is extinguished not later than two (2) hours after sunrise the following day, or earlier;
  • the fire is at least two (2) metres from any flammable materials; and
  • the person tending the fire has tools or water adequate to contain the fire within the fire site.

A total ban against outdoor burning may be declared when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances warrant it. Such a ban will be advertised and posted at various locations throughout the township.  It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of fire bans.

Any persons setting an outdoor fire shall be responsible for any damage to property or injury to person, and be liable for all costs incurred by the Fire Department. Contravention of these restrictions will result in fines.